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Differentiated Instruction: What is it?

There's a term buzzing around the education world these days that has thousands of us in professional development: differentiated instruction.

You can't figure this out over night. Cut yourself some slack. Pick one class, preferably one just before a prep period so you can reflect and take good notes, and concentrate on it.
What the heck is differentiated instruction?
This video is a good introduction, but it furthers the myth of learning styles and multiple intelligences, two bits of educational snake oil that help frame thinking but don't bear out in the science.

Well, it's just what it says: instruction that is different (or customized) for each student.

"But I have 700 students," you might say. "How the heck can I do that?"

There are some steps to take to build a foundation to begin differentiated instruction. I'm figuring out these steps this year. You can't begin this process until November in the school year. The first 6 weeks of schoo…