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The DeVos Agenda Serves Profits, NOT Students

I have worked in education for over 20 years and have served students in both public and private capacities in three states. In both public and private settings, I have found educators who are dedicated, caring, and committed to high standards. But--I must make this very very clear--No matter how idealistic a private school is, money is at the heart of its decision-making, not students, not ideals.

Private schools need to be greedy to stay in business.
I'll prove my point using my own experiences and observations in the areas of: special education, teacher quality, assessment and grading, and teacher salaries.

I invite you to share yours as well in comments.
Special Education A brief history of Special Ed The IDEA, (Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act) is a 1990 extension of the EHA (Education for all Handicapped Children Act) of 1975, the result of parents suing the federal government because of the hardships they faced in trying to educate their children. Many states, in…