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When leaving a job is less than perfect

How do you leave an old job when you are very proud of what you built there, but ended your tenure with a bitter taste in your mouth? The discord could be from anything: a difficult administrator or colleague, an unfortunate parent situation, financial stresses, sickness or death in the family, divorce, disability, anything. Sometimes the association with the school is just timing. Other times it could be terrible events in your life necessitated a move, and you associate the bad time with the school.

What do you do?

The best thing is to move on. But how do you do that?

When events lead to unpleasant feelings, the best thing to do is exactly what you do if a lesson goes awry. You reflect. Was it the school? Was it me? Was it the interface between the two? Exactly which people were the source of the discord? Where did that come from? Is that because I'm being overly sensitive or because they have some personal issues to work out?

Then you leave it behind. If teacher after teacher ha…