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Impromptu Delights

We had our dress rehearsal for our Spring Concert yesterday, and a wonderful surprise happened afterward. The students were a bit chatty, so I put on Justin Bieber singing "Love Yourself," thinking that, if the kids sang in unison, they could be herded out of the auditorium more easily than if we tried to quiet them completely.

But when the kids started to sing the song, the teachers didn't usher them away, instead, we all sang together. One of the teachers asked for some Justin Timberlake, so I played Mirrors.

Then we danced to The Fox

By this time, everyone was sweating, but they still wanted more. Some of the teachers had led their kids back to classrooms, but we still had some who wanted more dancing. High-stakes tests are over, and kids need a break. I went with it. We did The Cupid Shuffle

Now I was tired. I played this, but they STILL kept dancing.

In the end, I just had to turn the music off. We all left in an excellent mood and had an amazing day. I hope you h…