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Reading on the staff

These worksheets are really nice. I feature one of them in the video objectives.

I've made four, basic rhythms conscious and used a variety of materials for practice from Denise Gagne's flash cards to Lamar Roberts's First Grade Book to my own homemade posters and worksheets, many of which I've already featured in posts.

We've added solfa to the stick notation (in Third Grade we've added note names for recorder) and practiced this a lot. (2 months or more) I didn't want to move too quickly to reading on the staff. After a couple tries with the recorder kids, there was a lot of resistance. Attendance at recorder club almost vanished. Kids were overwhelmed by the idea of reading notes on the staff. It wasn't a fun game. It was just scary.

I needed to dial it back. 

No matter what, I needed to keep my students' love of singing and playing alive. I spent the last couple months teaching improvisation. Students make up music on given rhythms. They still r…

On Deck: Teaching active observation

I can explain, demonstrate, have a student demonstrate, and reinforce a direction until my eyes turn blue (they are brown) and still, 3-4 rotations into our work, students will forget or "not know" what to do.

So that's my objective for the week.

This posting is for an adult who might come in. I'm giving these aurally this week.

After an opening song, I  go into a rhyme. Let's choose one that most students know such as "Jack and Jill."

We clap the rhyme. We learn the rhyme so well that we can accent the yellow ("water" and "after"). Then we clap ONLY on those yellow words. Two people who do this correctly are chosen to go to the "D" tone chimes and play the yellow "water" and "after". Both tone chimes have yellow stickers on them. I point this out and draw the connection between the yellow in the rhyme and the yellow on the bar.

A person is chosen to be "on deck." This person has to closely wa…

Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset

Two videos my colleague shared with me that I don't want to misplace. Hope they help you too.

Are we lying to ourselves? Do we actually have a growth mindset?