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Writing Objectives

March 2016: I've been working with objectives for a few more weeks now. I did another Star Wars Crawl and noticed what works and what doesn't. Here is this week's objectives video. (No, I don't do one every week, but it's fun for me. Whenever I get another "aha" moment with objectives, I get so jazzed, I make a video.)

I'm not quite there yet, but I'm refining the whole process of objectives in my mind. Our school is using the book, Classroom Instruction that Works, as our professional development base text for the year. I still don't see a substantive difference between "know" and "understand." I don't think kids will know or care about it either, so I just don't do it. I ask myself...

What is the core skill area? What specific skill will students explore in depth? What activities will we do to exhibit that skill?
This week the answer are...

What is the core skill area?
What specific skill will students explo…