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WTF? The American Presidential Morass

I'm concerned. I know Mr. Trump and Dr. Carson and Senator Cruz cannot win, yet I am concerned. I am concerned that a Fascist element of American society is raising its ugly, and I mean very ugly, head and bellowing its hateful, stinking spew into the public discourse. I am concerned that fact has become unimportant in the face of scape-goating. I am concerned that racism is considered a virtue by a substantial percentage of the American populace. I am concerned that there are more of "them" than I knew.

I don't want to move to France, but a nation under Trump would make me do just that.

Already, students have been in tears, scared that "Trump will take my family away." Little kids don't realize that he isn't the president. He only wants to be the president. They figure that, if an adult is given the opportunity to speak to the public, it must be okay. After all, if a child speaks and spouts hatred, name-calling, and hyperbole, they are shut down. We don't allow children to bully. So if this adult candidate for president is doing it, whatever he says must be something that adults in general are okay with.

Donald Trump behaves in a way I would not tolerate from a pre-school child. He tantrums, calls names, spouts hate, bullies, and generally disgusts me. DONALD TRUMP'S BEHAVIOR IS NOT OKAY. We cannot use him as an example of civil behavior--not for children, not for anyone.

I'm concerned that the leading GOP (Grand Old Party, the nickname for Republicans) candidates appear to be completely ignorant of the  US Constitution: that all children with an American parent are automatically American, even if born abroad, that all children born on US soil are American, that changing that right would require the cooperation of a super-majority of states and WILL NOT HAPPEN, that there are 6 freedoms given by the first amendment, among them freedom of religious expression, freedom from an establishment of a state religion, freedom to assemble and associate, and freedom of the press. The fourth amendment limits the government's ability to surveil her citizens without cause. I could go on and on.

The US Supreme Court has granted homosexual Americans the right to marriage under the 14th Amendment. Ben Cason and Ted Cruz disagree. The amendment guarentees equal protection under the law for all citizens: women, men, black, white, gay, straight, Christian, Atheist, Muslim, etc. But the constitution is not all the candidates are ignorant of.

The Republicans also have no idea what it takes for a refugee to enter the USA. They also do NOT support legislation to ban those on the terrorist watch list from purchasing and owning guns and explosives.
Then there are the Fascist arguments about immigrants in general and Muslim immigrants in particular.

Fascist? Isn't that a bit extreme of a word to use?

The term, "Fascist" is derived from "fascia." Our muscles are fascia. The individual fibers work together as one. One muscle fiber can do nothing, thousands can do everything. That is the basis for the term. In a Fascist government, every person is expected to be homogeneous and to work with everyone around them to wield the might of the country they are a part of. That is why Fascist countries were made up of people who were all the same race, religion, and political outlook. Mr. Trump espouses this philosophy. The late George Wallace espoused this philosophy. Here are some clips that will help clarify my stance on this troubling trend of thought in the Republican Party.

So, in summary, I am very concerned that one of the two, major American parties is:

  • openly courting the patronage of hate groups
  • fielding candidates woefully ignorant of the constitution
  • anti-union, especially the teacher's union. 
  • against keeping guns from the hands of suspected terrorists
  • fielding candidates who want Muslim-Americans to carry special ID cards, register, have their places of worship surveilled without benefit of a warrant, and otherwise be ghettoed in our society
  • openly flouting facts in favor of wild proclamations, many of which have no basis in logic (The pyramids as ancient grain silos, honestly?
  • rejection of science in regards to global climate change (not to mention gun statistics and other facts)
  • fearmongering and hatemongering
I tend to vote a touch right of center. I'm pro-life, but I apply that as I believe Christ would, not only to the unborn but to the refugee, the prisoner, and the poor. I married in the Orthodox Church, and my marriage is traditional. The Orthodox Church has undergone its share of clergy sex abuse, though it isn't covered as hotly as the Roman Catholic cases were because there are so much fewer of us. But the pain of it has stung. Two priests at our wedding have been convicted of sexual crimes against parishioners since our wedding in 2008. 

I'm conservative but wounded. I don't blindly follow one party or another. Both parties are very flawed, and I don't agree 100% with either one of them. In 2016, I think I might have to vote with a 60% choice. That is disappointing to say the least. In closing, I'll share this video. It is from the Kasich superpac, and it quotes Martin Niemoeller, a Protestant pastor who spoke out openly against Adolph Hitler. So far, I'm least disgusted by Kasich. I wish him well.


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