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WTF? The American Presidential Morass

I'm concerned. I know Mr. Trump and Dr. Carson and Senator Cruz cannot win, yet I am concerned. I am concerned that a Fascist element of American society is raising its ugly, and I mean very ugly, head and bellowing its hateful, stinking spew into the public discourse. I am concerned that fact has become unimportant in the face of scape-goating. I am concerned that racism is considered a virtue by a substantial percentage of the American populace. I am concerned that there are more of "them" than I knew.

I don't want to move to France, but a nation under Trump would make me do just that.

Already, students have been in tears, scared that "Trump will take my family away." Little kids don't realize that he isn't the president. He only wants to be the president. They figure that, if an adult is given the opportunity to speak to the public, it must be okay. After all, if a child speaks and spouts hatred, name-calling, and hyperbole, they are shut down. …