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A letter to my ASM families

Dear Families,

After seven and a half years at ASM, I'm off to a new job at a public school, teaching music to children in kindergarten through third grade. This is a good thing for me, my family, and (God willing) my new school, but it will also be good for ASM. I've built a strong culture of singing, movement, literacy, and dance at your school, and I'm very proud of what we've accomplished together. I'm honored to have been your teacher. It was a pleasure and a privilege, but now, I have to go.

There are many reasons for my departure, but chief among them was my health and my family's well-being. The commute from Taunton was brutal. That time is needed for walks or bike rides or other activity. I got a Fitbit with the help of PACE's end-of-year gift, and I think of you every time I put it on. Thanks.

I have a vision of myself as an old lady, puttering around the mud flats of Cape Cod when a deep and unfamiliar voice calls, "Mrs. GG!" I look up,…