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WTF? The American Presidential Morass

I'm concerned. I know Mr. Trump and Dr. Carson and Senator Cruz cannot win, yet I am concerned. I am concerned that a Fascist element of American society is raising its ugly, and I mean very ugly, head and bellowing its hateful, stinking spew into the public discourse. I am concerned that fact has become unimportant in the face of scape-goating. I am concerned that racism is considered a virtue by a substantial percentage of the American populace. I am concerned that there are more of "them" than I knew.

I don't want to move to France, but a nation under Trump would make me do just that.

Already, students have been in tears, scared that "Trump will take my family away." Little kids don't realize that he isn't the president. He only wants to be the president. They figure that, if an adult is given the opportunity to speak to the public, it must be okay. After all, if a child speaks and spouts hatred, name-calling, and hyperbole, they are shut down. …

Hot Cheetos and Takis

It's time to step out of your comfort zone and into the world of Rap! This is a fabulous song. It's wonderful for older beginners. My third graders are doing ta, ta-ti, and rest. This is going to be fantastic for them! My fantasy is to make up a recorder ostinato for the chorus. I'll update the post if i try it and it works. Wish me luck!

(ta-ti ta-ti ta-ti rest
ta-ti ta-ti ta-ti rest
ta-ti ta-ti ta ta-ti
ta-ti ta-ti ta-ti Ta-ti
ta-ti ta ta Ta-ti
ta-ti ta-ti ta-ti Ta-ti
ta-ti ta-ti ta ta-ti
ta-ti ta-ti ta-ti Ta!)

Hot Cheetos and Takis
Hot Cheetos and Takis
I can't get enough of these
Hot Cheetos and Takis. Got my
fingers stained red and I
cannot get them off me. You can
catch me and my crew eating 
Hot Cheetos and Takis. Bao!

(rest ta rest ta {4 repetitions}
ta-ti ta-ti ta-ti rest
ta-ti ta-ti ta-ti rest
ta-ti ta-ti ta ta-ti
ta-ti ta-ti ta-ti Ta-ti
ta-ti ta ta Snack snack
snack crunch
Snack snack
snack munch
Hot Cheetos and Takis
Hot Cheetos and Takis
You can catch me…

Carol of the Bells pdf

Carol of the bells Orff 2012
Happy New School Year! I'm very thankful for all of you!  Your reading of my blog has encouraged me to keep writing, deepened my practice as a teacher and musician, allowed me to rack up loads of professional development points in hours of writing.  You inspire me, you challenge me, you are great colleagues.

As we begin a new school year, I'd like to give you something to make your year better.  It's pdf files of parts for Carol of the Bells, the arrangement that my middle school students played for their 2012 December concert.  The mic is right in front of the Orff instruments, but we have electric bass, guitar, and two keyboards in the mix.  We put this together in 3 weeks!  If you have younger students you might want to begin in October.  If you have a Monday class you might want to begin in September, there are so many Monday holidays in the fall.

Want the file? Click here

Just write a subject you'd like me to write about in the blog this…

A letter to my ASM families

Dear Families,

After seven and a half years at ASM, I'm off to a new job at a public school, teaching music to children in kindergarten through third grade. This is a good thing for me, my family, and (God willing) my new school, but it will also be good for ASM. I've built a strong culture of singing, movement, literacy, and dance at your school, and I'm very proud of what we've accomplished together. I'm honored to have been your teacher. It was a pleasure and a privilege, but now, I have to go.

There are many reasons for my departure, but chief among them was my health and my family's well-being. The commute from Taunton was brutal. That time is needed for walks or bike rides or other activity. I got a Fitbit with the help of PACE's end-of-year gift, and I think of you every time I put it on. Thanks.

I have a vision of myself as an old lady, puttering around the mud flats of Cape Cod when a deep and unfamiliar voice calls, "Mrs. GG!" I look up,…