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Autism Music Bootcamp

A colleague is about to start a new job. She's nervous, excited, and scrambling to research autism. You see, She'll be teaching four days a week at a public, special-needs-integrated preschool, and will teach the class of autistic students DAILY.

Oh my gorshk!

By this time next month, she'll be up to her eyeballs in social stories, accommodations, triggers, etc. Her old school had very mild special needs students, but nothing that required consistent intervention. She needs to bone-up on her autism awareness.

This article is for her, but, since the diagnosis of autism is becoming ever more common, I bet lots of you will appreciate boning up on your autism knowledge. Here is a great resource I've found.

22 Tips for Teaching Children with Autism

Read this article. It's great. Print it out and keep it with you. Skim it before seeing your students on the spectrum. Did you read the above paragraph? I used the term, "bone-up" twice. It's an idiom, and an au…