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Crisis of Children Crossing US Borders

A letter to the editor of the Conservative paper, The Weekly Standard. 

Dear Mr. Kristol,

Not so long ago, a country in the Americas made its people suffer conditions so dreadful, thousands fled north. Most to successfully cross the border were under the age of 25. (I've read hundreds of fugitive slave ads. I know.) What were American slaves escaping? Were they enticed to emigrate by the thought of superior Canadian politeness, unlimited maple syrup and all those free meals on the Underground Railroad?


I really don't think the problem was that our slaves were flooding Canada. I think the problem was that they were slaves.

Now, in 2014, conditions in Central America are so desperate, that parents are parting with their children. Somehow, sending their kids off with human traffickers is preferable to the conditions of home. (And please don't tell me that it's a mass misinformation campaign. Perhaps some people are conned, but certainly not all. We cannot deny there is suffering going on. There is abundant evidence.)

So why do we look at the children entering our country as the problem and not the horror they are fleeing? Could it be guilt? Racism? Why do you ascribe base motives to Latina mothers who send their children to the US? According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, if your reasoning is correct, these children come to us seeking status, a better standard of living, free healthcare and education, etc. But has it never occurred to you that perhaps survival, a more immediate human need, is the reason? If not, why not?

Can you NOT see the racism in that reasoning?

What conditions exist in El Salvadore, Honduras, and Guatemala that are causing such desperation? How can the US keep these children well until it's safe for them to return home? (Like we did for the Brits in WWII) How do we Americans contribute to the power of evil drug cartels? Might we consider a moral campaign against illegal drugs? (Quakers boycotted slave-produced cotton and sugar.) These are questions I'd like answered: by the press, by my representatives, and in citizen conversations. 

I urge the delegation representing me: Representative Kennedy and Senators Warren and Markey, to side with Jesus on this matter. (More than just this would be preferred, but one must start somewhere.) I beg the Republicans, who have been fighting compassion tooth an nail, to do the same. You are the Grand Old Party, the party of Lincolm. Act like it!

Thank you for your attention to my comments.

Suzanne Gonsalves

PS. I noticed, Mr. Kristol, that when you discuss this topic, your smile never reaches your eyes. I'm appealing to your heart.


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