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The Power of Quiet.

I'm a brass player. LOUD has always been a hallmark of my musical perspective on the world. I got a rush whenever I played Fanfare for the common man,

the Olympic Fanafare,

and even a spirited brass section in a symphony,

but I only started to really become a musician when I learned how to play softly. My first foray into pianissimo didn't happen on the French Horn, it happened in chorus. There's nothing as glorious as a chorus who sings a well-supported forte, but when that forte is off-set by a pianissimo that has the audience straining to hear, the music just sparkles.

As I consider how I want to begin this next school year, I think I shall addict my students to the beauty and power of their pianissimo.


Well, let's look at a third grade lesson.

We'll have to sing and play songs that help students demonstrate their awareness of loud/soft. Always begin with something fun that has a strong physical element. That organizes the children's nervous systems, c…