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A Valentine from my student

It's always heartening when a former student writes or stops by saying things like,

"When I heard this, I thought of you."

"Saw this and knew you'd love it."

"This is just like something we did in class, but this version isn't exactly school appropriate."

Well, this just happened to me. My former student, N saw a brilliant new comic and thought of me. Specifically, he remembered our Stomp unit and the prep activity of making a sound carpet out of spoken ostinati. This transferred to body percussion then to found object percussion. It was great fun!

In another lesson, I explored the work of Diana Deustch and her research into the difference between singing and speech. N's brother is "Lincoln". Put those two lessons together and you've got a student remembering me years later when he sees a fresh new comic's show.

I hope you have wonderful students like my N visit you and tell you that when they saw (something cool) they t…