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Orff instrument social story for child with autism

I have a second grader with Asperger Syndrome (part of the autism spectrum). He has a continual problem of hitting people with mallets when we do Orff instruments. We need a social story!

Social Stories Social stories are used to remind autistic children of social norms and procedures. They can be used for everything from sitting in the car to attending a public performance. Since autistic children require frequent repetition of directions and the breaking-down of directions into component parts, these stories save a teacher lots of time and frustration from such repetitions.

The Initial Meeting I met with my principal and the autistic child and we discussed what he did in class that was dangerous. I said, "We are going to write a social story that you will read every time we do instruments in class."

Child: Why do I need to do that?
Teacher: To remind yourself how to be safe with the instruments.
Child: Is it going to be long?
Teacher: No, maybe three lines.
Principal: A l…