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The WORST Christmas Song ever!

I love Christmas songs with all my heart, but there are some that just make bile rise in my throat. In the spirit of fun and good humor, I offer you the worst songs this season has produced. During these ten days in 2013, the blog will have a poll so you can vote on the absolute worst carol ever written. I have a facebook post up to get title ideas.

Here are some of my "favorites".

Bad things can happen to good songs.

"Chrissy the Christmas mouse": Truly horrific, surpassing "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas" by a country mile!

Please VOTE!  There's a poll icon on the right sidebar. I'd love to know your pick.

"Do they know it's Christmas?": I think you have to have a mullet to appreciate this song. I love the sentiment, but the music is just god-awful.

 "Baby it's cold outside": Love it but hate that I do. This version performed by two men on Glee is tolerable. Am I sexist or is this scenario less rapey than t…

Dancing, the medicine of education

I did this exercise with all my classes this week. IT WORKS! I did it using "Soul Bossa Nova" by Quincy Jones. It was wonderful. Autistic kids were able to focus. Antsy kids were instantly given something to concentrate on. Buttoned-up kids were able to get loosened up. It was spectacular. I'm going to use the amazing minds of some of my classes to come up with other versions of the exercise.

TED talks are marvelous things, but they mean nothing if you don't apply what you learn in them. The winter is coming. We should all make sure we move and stay healthy. Here are talks that will inspire you to move your body, plan to have your students move theirs, and give you a platform for collaboration with your fellow teachers.

Use these ideas with math teachers, health teachers, and administrators. Maybe do the sitting dance just before administration of a standardized test.

Here's one about the importance of dance as a social bonder. This is a great video to sh…