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Rehabilitation Through the Arts

Years ago I had an interview for a position teaching music to secondary school students in the prison system. A friend of mine was a teacher there and she had a love/hate relationship with the work. There were unusual restrictions on her dress:
 no open-toed shoes no bare armsno skirts above the knee high necklines, absolutely no clevege no heel to the shoenothing in the hair that could be pulled out and used as a weapon Her description freaked me out, but I took the interview anyway. It paid well and a job is a job. The head of the program liked me. He also liked that I'd be willing to garden with the boys in the summer and teach them about planting and caring for crops. We brainstormed possible units in a music curriculum, but there always seemed to be problems. Here are some of them.
Stomp! need to use objects that are not able to be used as weapons, but such objects would by definition NOT STOMP GuitarThe presence of strings that could be used to kill inmates if they smuggled o…