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John Green's Ted Talk

John Green is an author of young adult fiction and half of the vlogbrothers with the other half being Hank Green.  Knowing about them makes me feel very cool indeed.  They are a secret that is quickly getting out.  Here is John's recent TED talk. 

John and Hank have been vlogging for several years now and they've captured the intellects, imaginations, and hearts of millions.  I proudly acknowledge myself as being part of nerdfighteria and hope to "diminish world-suck" as a teacher, wife, mother, and friend.  I hope you enjoy them too.  Here are some of my favorite Green videos.  After viewing them, you too will want more. 

The Murray Volumes: Volume 1 retrieval

Carl Orff and his fellow composers wrote a series of volumes with Orffestrations (orchestrations using the Orff instruments).  These volumes were edited and modified to suit American and British folksong.  The American volumes edited and largely written by Margaret Murray and are known as "The Murray Volumes" by American Orff teachers. 

Now that I've been teaching a decade, I finally know why Kodaly and Orff do the things they do.  I am now creating a retrieval system that actually works for me.  I'm going through my Kodaly books, but I'm also going through my Orff books.  I learned a few works from the Murray volumes during my Orff level courses, but certainly not more than 2-5% of them.  Looking at the Orffestrations is very daunting and I've avoided them for years.  This year I'm going through each piece and really thinking how this piece can be presented or the elements used in the delivery of curriculum.  I'm finding that the written notes are …