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Lighter Side: Gangnam Style

YOU WANT TO KNOW THIS SONG AND BE AWARE OF THIS DANCE! This post will tell you what Gangnam Style is, why you should know it, how it became so popular, and why Americans are loving this song.

I first heard this song on Dancing With the Stars.  I first thought it was "Gangland Style" which reminded me of Los Angeles, but I was very surprised that it was a very silly dance and loads of fun.   More about that later.  This is the original Dancing with the Stars dance.

Why should you care about Gangnam style?  It's THE MOST POPULAR SONG IN THE WORD!  It's #1 in 34 countries as I write.  There are more than 600,000,000 hits as I write, and I expect Psy (the artist who raps and stars in the song/video) to top 1Billion by Christmas.  Here's the original video.

Appropriate for School?
Not really.  There is "Eh, Sexy Lady" in English, and that's a bit objectifying.  The Korean seems awesome!  Here's a link to a translation.  What you really need to kn…