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Setting up your room for the year

I've been very frank about my weaknesses, but organizing space has always been a major strength of mine.  That is why, when a reader requested suggestions for setting up a K-8 classroom, I smiled and got excited. 

How do I organize space?  

It really depends on your needs and which space you have.  In my career I've had everything from a fully-stocked dream room to a cart going room-to-room for classes.  There are a few things you'll need in any space, so I'll mention those things and how to use them in various physical settings. 

The cart   

This is essential for good classroom control and space conservation.  I like the one pictured here because its three-tier design unfolds into an Orff table where children can sit or stand and play.  If you have heavier materials or more permanent materials (like speakers, a keyboard, or other electronics) that need to live on top of the table, you might want one that doesn't unfold. 

Autonomous Music Room

Having your instrum…

New Singing Stories for your year

John Feierabend is an exciting music educator.  He and his colleagues have come up with a series of song books that I wanted to tell you about.  The interesting point in this video?  Don't show the pictures for a couple lessons, let them learn the song first.