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The Lighter Side: Dark Shadows

A family friend watched our little daughter so my husband could take his mother and me to Dark Shadows, the new Johnny Depp movie.  My mother-in-law saw the series after school in the 60s and remembers it fondly.  She said it bears little resemblance to this film but for the name of the mansion and the main character.   It was a fun way to spend two hours.

My favorite line I will use to hypnotize my toddler into good behavior, "You will go and listen to the Cooper woman."  You'll get it when you see the movie.  Three stars of a possible 5.  ***

Here's a recap of the beginning of the series.

Time Out!

Recently a friend had me over for lunch and she let me look through her books in case I wanted to borrow something.  One of the books I chose was 123 Magic by Thomas Phelan.  Nothing in this book was new to me.  I have taken Responsive Classroom courses and am well-versed in positive reinforcement and classroom control, but reviewing the concepts I already know really helped my teaching this week.  I can't wait to share what I reviewed.

Time Out!
The concept of time out is a very simple one.  When a child's behavior is out of control, they have a cooling down time in a safe place with no adult attention.  After the time out (usually the number of minutes that corresponds to the number of years of age for the child), the child is welcomed back into the class.  For very young children (2-4 years old), they may need a hug and reassuring review of why they were in time out after the event.  This is not usually appropriate for school-age children.  If a school-age child seems to be …

The Lighter Side: Titanic in 3D

Movie Review: Titanic 3D *****

I got together with my best friend and we saw this movie in 3D.  You know what?  3D adds NOTHING to the movie and actually detracts from it occasionally.  The only cinematic change was to the depiction of the stars.  Neil deGrasse Tyson evidently contacted the director and helped the film team redo the stars as they would have appeared in the North Atlantic that night. 

My recommendation, SEE IT because it's lovely on the big screen.  Go to a theater with really comfy seats as the film is 3 hours long.  See it in 2D if at all possible.  I love this movie.  I took up drawing after seeing it the first time and the pictures I drew are very dear to me as some of the subjects have since passed away.

Don't forget, there's a folksong in Sail Away on page 152, "The Titanic".  It's #151.