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Keltic Dreams

Kodaly believed that children have the right to know the culture of their birth, but, what if you're from The United States?  We have everything here.  These children from the Bronx have formed an Irish Dance Troupe, and their story is inspirational. 

I loved how Caroline Duggan spoke about her fear of the place and how her love of the students overcame those fears.  She shared her passion for dancing with them and all kids respond to passion.  If you love it, they will love it.  Likewise, if you hate or dread it, they will too. 

Note how there is NEVER a sense of condescension in the teacher's voice.  She didn't decide to work there to save these children.  She's simply teaching them and following their interests as she introduces them to new ideas and new skills. 
And, just in case you need a chuckle, here is a video of the Stavros Flatley act from Britain's Got Talent a few years back.  I just love this man and his son.  Again, passion is everything! 

May the r…