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Corporate Meter Games

Older students get so caught up in a world of winner/loser games, that they forget team games, listening games, and ensemble.  Here are some ideas to teach art music, team work, coordination, and have lots of fun doing it.  Use these games for warm ups for the brain and body and you'll be amazed at how your older students will be more able to improvise and create movement and melody with fluency.

Take 5: Want to teach some classic jazz, mixed meter, and corporate movement.  Try something like this.  

Body Percussion Canon: Necessary for polyphonic singing and dancing, this really helps children think on the spot, think ahead, and observe others simultaneously.  Here we see the concept of canon mixed with locomotor improv.  Note that the background music is student-made too.  Color change denotes the change in movement.  Could you put a story along with this?

Cup Game: This is not easy for adults or children.  Chances are your students will know these kinds of games and share them wit…

Valentine's Day Song

A Paper of Pins
I've loved the song Paper of Pins for years, but never taught it until this year.  It's a tough song to teach because it's a conversation of a man and a woman.  He keeps proposing and she keeps refusing.  Until the end when he offers her the keys to his treasure chest.  She then accepts his proposal and he says,

Sugar and spice and coffee and tea you love my money but don't love meso I'll not marry marry you, I will not marry you!Awkward topic made easier I used puppets to get over the awkwardness.  Originally I had boys sit opposite girls and sing back and forth, but they just couldn't handle it.  The giggling was terrible and nobody sang.  I did a movement activity before this and said that I'd choose the puppeteers based on maturity and concentration shown during the dance.  I chose children and used finger puppets.  I had a pile of scarves of various colors and chose children to pick out which scarf would be the red dress, green dress, bl…