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The End Product

I've written extensively about Carl Orff's philosophy regarding performances.  How all the arts meld into a whole.  This concert by the cream of the crop in Memphis, Tennessee is a perfect example of this.  Any child who wishes to dance can, and recorder, guitar, xylophones, drums, etc. are incorporated into every song.  Even the choir does hand motions and textural movement to add to the songs.  It's obvious that most of these movements, if not all, were student generated.  There is a remarkable sense of pride and joy about this concert. 

In January we are in the beginning stages of preparation for our spring concerts.  Keep in mind the end product we hope to have.  Let these children in Memphis inspire you.  The adults chose songs from that geographical area, they relinquished enough control to the children in order to give the children ownership over their performance and personal pride in their work, and they insisted on high standards of behavior and musicianship. 


Oh What A Day

The best dances perfectly mirror the form and function of the music.  Orff teaches this to children by choreography of rounds.  Here are two examples of the song, "Oh, what a day" from Orff level programs in the US.  Notice how each phrase of the round has a different choreography and then these elements are layered as the singing is layered.