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Music, the brain, and science

Middle School Diana Deutsch lesson
I just taught this to my older students and I've got to tell you about it!  When I did some work for The Boston Symphony, I contacted Diana Deutsch of the University of California, San Diego.  I never used her work on the modules for the BSO, but I continue to be intrigued by her research.  This lesson is especially exciting when you mention to the children that Audacity is a shareware (free) opensource program that they can download and do these experiments themselves.

I used this information as little snippets within a choral lesson.  I'm introducing some holiday pieces and, each time the students sang particularly well, I gave them some "ear candy" in the form of a new aural illusion or example.  For example: we began rehearsal for "Come Follow Me" by Linda Spevacek.  Students learned the A section on solfa and sang it in tune with proper syllables and a good, strong voice.  Their reward was to hear the phantom word ill…