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Thinking Inside the Volumes #6, Street Song

My Middle Schoolers performed Street Song in Volume 3 of the Murray Edition Orff volumes.  It was their graduation performance number and they pulled it off really well!  Here is what they sounded like a few days before graduation.  I was not thrilled with some of the distracted performances, but the kids had just gone to an amusement park and participated in loads of end-of-year parties.  The actual graduation was not recorded but it was amazingly clean and tight.  Nobody forgot where we were in the pattern, all rhythms were either on time or rushing slightly.  They sounded amazing and the audience was really impressed.  As you listen, remember how well kids can take notes, right up to the very end.  This is a very scary piece to put together because so much can go wrong.  We did this with 9 students.
Street Song better
What was is it like for them?  This is what they had to say.  Street music interviewsWhen I hear these young men speak, I hear the pride and confidence in their voice…